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In a beautiful land kissed by the sun, among gentle hills and centuries-old olive groves, the Valleprima Agricultural Company stands. Here, nature is still supreme and become a precious fruit in the skilled hands of our team. Every moment spent in this enchanted land is a journey into the ancient art of wine and oil, a constant discovery of unique flavours and exquisite fragrances.

The Wine of Valleprima


In the green Tuscan countryside, among hills and golden fields, our winery stands, born from a love for the land and a passion for wine. It is here that our precious wines are born, the result of careful grape selection and attention to detail that is reflected in every sip. Because at the core of our philosophy is quality and authenticity, values that we have inherited from our territory and that we strive to convey in every bottle.

Our Oil:

Authentic, inimitable, unmistakable

A passion passed down through generations that today materializes in a selection of excellence, the result of care, attention, and respect for the land that gave us life. Our company, with humility and dedication, cultivates centuries-old olive trees from which the nectar that enriches the palate and the heart. The choice of varieties and the attention to natural treatments guarantee an authentic product to be enjoyed on every occasion.

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Delicate flavors that amaze the heart and palate, taking you on a unique experience.  Are you ready to discover the secret of unique, authentic, unforgettable products that will take you on flavor journeys, discovering a world that exudes harmony? Come and taste the wonders of a company that values the love for the land and passion for a product that encapsulates the essence of art.

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